What have we done
Automotive & Engines
Test benches for  gasoline, diesel and gas engines. Full equipment supply and maintenance of existing facilities:

 . Hot Test and Quakity Audit  Cells for production verification on assembly lines, quality checks and lab tests.
 . Specific software SpinTest© for flexible management of sequences and test cycles.
 . Using PLC and industrial components availables in the market.
 . CAN communication protocols CCP / XCP and J1939.
 . Modular cabinets for multiple ECU.
 . Engine wiring with non-intrusive industrial connectors and long lasting.
 . Interfacing with NVH analysis, emissions and fuel consumption.

Control and Automation of services for Testing facilities: Fuel and water supply, refrigeration, air conditioning, ...

Facility Management and traceability systems for assembly lines with codebar and RFID equipment.
Ford España

Ford Motors Co.

Ford Werke



Cummins Engine Co.

JCB Power Systems

Aston Martin

Ford Do Brasil

Ford Otosan



Perkins Engines Co.

Ford (Valencia, Spain)
Design and build of the Test benches for Production Hot Testing.

Facility manager for an engine assembly line with smart link to JIT purchasing, procurement and production, implementation of RFID technology to dynamically manage information.

Software-based system SpinTest© for hot testing petrol engines, atmospheric and turbocharged.
Cummins (Daventry, UK)
Control system test cells testing diesel and gas engines till 3500HP.

The system is based on the security CPU S7-416F SIEMENS-2 and is responsible for controlling all services needed for the tests and the acquisition of all data.
Ford (Inönü, Turkey)
Hot Test cell upgrade for diesel engine cylinders 4 and 5, using software SpinTest©.

CCP CAN communication with a set of ECU modules used in different type of engines.
Nissan (Barcelona, Spain)
Upgrade of a quality test bed for transmissions.

Mechanical upgrade to a new type of transmission and new control system based  on software SpinTest© and NVH equipment.
Ford (Valencia, Spain)
Design and supply of a Test rig for checking leaks in the cooling circuit of Sigma engine.

The test is made by injecting pressurized air and monitoring the pressure drop and air flow. The air is provided through a quick connectors.

Identification of the engine (engine type and serial number), initial testing of the integrity of the connectors in the test rig, fixing the connectors onto the engine and runing the leakage test. The test result is printed on a label affixed to the engine and recorded in a MSSQL database. The test results are as well queried from the corporate system of traceability.

The test rig is controlled by a computer using SpinTest Lite© and PLC connections to sensors and actuators.