What have we done
Automotive Components
Development and building of test rigs for components: water pumps, oil pumps, transmissions, ...
. Production and Quality test rigs in production lines.
. Test beds for research and development.

Automation of production machinery and components assembly.

Facility management, control and traceability systems for production of components. Developing applications for production management covering the main MES functionalities: OEE, Quality Management, Production Orders, Tracking, Traceability, ...

Connectivity to other systems in the control pyramid located in the upper layer (ERP, MRP, planning, etc..) and lower layers (machine PLC, HMI, ...).
Elastic Berger


Manufacturas de Automoción Jover

Concentric Pumps

Expert Components
Concentric Pumps (Birmingham, UK)
Design and build of a test production rig for oil pumps with traceability management of the pumps tested.

Design and construction of a test bed for research and development for oil pumps with flexible management of test cycles and data recording. Possibility of manual control of the test points with adjustable speed, flow and pressure.
Manufacturas de Automoción Jover (Barcelona, Spain)
Control system for manufacturing hot foam vehicle seats using polyurethane.

Mold temperature control, identification of mold in the production line and dosing the quantities of components required for each type of mold.

There are some functionalities for production control like counting the number of parts produced, parts failed, ...
Expert Components (Barcelona)
Test bench for quality check in activated carbon canisters.

It executes a succession of cycles filling with calibrated gas (propane) and purging with air and controls the residual weight of the tank after each cycle.

Identification of the type of canister. Preparation of the test according to data stored for each canister. Implemented matching ATEX regulations.

Controlling gas flow during the filling phase and the number of cycles of filling / purging. Data logging and report printing.

Control pressure calibration gas cylinder and cylinder exchange notice.
Manufacturas de Automoción Jover (Barcelona, Spain)
Control system for manufacturing cold foam vehicle seats.

 Control of the ratio between Polyurethane and Isocyanate in order to obtain different densities (hardness) in different places of the seat. Temperature control  for tank components. Control of high pressure injection. Identification of mold and distribution of liquid foam by XY manipulator according to the formula of movement and relationship among components for any type of mold.