What have we done
Automation control systems based on DCS or PLC+SCADA.

Extensive experience in developing batch applications by following the standard ISA S88.01

Implementation of control systems using MES solutions to link the different systems across the Plant. Integration with plant management level (ERP, MRP, etc.) according to the ISA S95 standard.

Development of projects with architectures CCR (Central Control Room) and client-server SCADA systems with integrated management of plant information via database, ensuring product traceability.

Tools based on standard modules and SQL & NET Microsoft © technologies for reporting and web publishing.

Design, development and implementation of projects according to the regulations: Machinery 2006/42/EC, 2006/95/EC Low Voltage, Electromagnetic Compatibility 2004/108/EC, Explosive Atmospheres (ATEX).
SGL Carbon


Esteve Química



Abelló Linde


Sustainable Agro Solutions


Pulcra Chemicals



Fuchs Lubricantes
Sustainable Agro Solutions (Lleida, Spain)
Comprehensive system management of a fertilizer manufacturing plant.

Automation of all processes of the factory and production management (MES).

Connection to ERP (SAP) for the receipt of production orders and formulas, and delivery of raw material consumption and final manufacturing data.

Integration of Quality Data.
SGL Carbon (La Coruña, Spain)
Complete automation of the 6 phases of manufacturing, located in physically separated workshops: Forming, First Bake, Impregnation, Rebake, Graphitization and Finishing. Includes matters as diverse as weighing and dosing, control of mixing, extrusion presses, chain maintenance, gas furnaces, cranes management, high pressure autoclaves, high intensity electric furnaces, machining. It also includes the design and maintenance of relational databases SQL type (MS SQL Server, Sybase, MySQL).

Full traceability of products. Applications in the workshops are fully oriented to control product information. Each workshop has a proprietary database. In addition to a central database holds traceability between workshops and communication with corporate MES system.
SGL Carbon (Banting, Malaysia)
Automation of various manufacturing phases: Load of sagger for  Bake furnaces, Impregnation, Graphitization and Machining. Includes the following matters: Control of cranes, transport roller,  linear high-pressure autoclaves.

Design and implementation of the Central Control Room of the factory, using the latest technologies in client-server SCADA systems, databases, real-time production (FT Historian and MS SQL Server) and latest generation tools producing reports published via web through the corporate network.

Creation and maintenance of standards for automation in order to have compatible applications regardless of the supplier. Maintenance service for automation 24hours / 365 days.