What have we done
SPIN group works in the energy sector at two levels: Production and Consumption.

At production level SPIN has big experience in control of mini hydroelectric plants.

At consumption level SPIN has done many projects focused on reducing the rate of energy consumption by plants and making this consumption more efficient.

For this purpose and taking advantage of more than 20 years of experience in production control programs, SPIN has created a specific software for controlling consumption: SpinEMS© (Energy Management System).

Cummins Engine Co.

Central Hidroeléctrica de La Isabela

Central Hidroeléctrica El Barco

C.H. El Arenal

C.H. La Zaida

C.H. Antella-Escalona

C.H. Alcolea
Cummins (Daventry, UK)
SpinEMS© (Energy Management System) is a system developed by SPIN for real time monitoring of consumption of electricity, gas and fluids for the industry.

Based on our data capture technology, highly improved after 20 years of production control applications, it supplies data for detailed analysis of consumption periods or manufacturing areas.

Intelligent use of this tool has enabled the implementation of numerous Cummins energy saving measures in their production facility, with direct savings in the bill that has made headlines around the group.
Hydroelectric Plant El Barco (Logroño, Spain)
Control system for a mini hydroelectric plant by the river Ebro, consisting of two Kaplan turbines with 2MW generators. Installed power: 3600KW.

The system allows unassisted operation. It's in charge of starting and connecting to the General Grid. It holds the central to its maximum power in accordance with the flow and keeping the level of the waterfall. Allows operation with parameters according to seasonality.

System based on a PLC and SCADA. It allows Intervention and retrieval of production data and alarms via Internet. The alarms are also reported by calls to mobile phones, SMS messages and emails.

Ecological flow control. ISO 14001 certification.
Biochemie (Barcelona, Spain)
Monitoring and Control of Compressors for Refrigeration Fluid (+3 º C and -20 º C).

Monitoring and Control of Distribution and Consumption of fluids from +3 ° C and -20 º C.

Monitoring and Control of Water Cooling Towers and Steam Generating Boilers.

Consumption and Alarms Monitoring of a primary substation Media / Low Voltage.