What have we done
Food & Beverage
Development and implementation of applications using the core standards of the Food Industry: IFS, BRC, ISO 22000, ...

Extensive experience in developing batch applications by following the standard ISA S88.01.

Development of projects under ISA S95 standard, which defines the plant model to facilitate the integration of production control systems (MES) with the management system (ERP).

Tools based on standard modules and SQL & NET Microsoft © technologies for reporting and web publishing.

Design and implementation of solutions CCR (Central Control Room), with client-server SCADA systems, which enable comprehensive management of information throughout the plant.

Our applications cover MES functionality and enable connectivity to other systems of the pyramid of control (ERP, MRP, maintenance, ...).

Gallina Blanca


Barry Callebaut


Preparados Alimenticios


Preparados Alimenticios (Teruel, Spain)
Automation of a Hydrolyzed Protein factory. Control system for the full manufacturing process: raw materials collection, dosing components and processes of reaction, alkalinization, neutralization and concentration. The system incorporates the traceability control for the product and process.

Control system based on SIEMENS S7-400 PLC, ET200M distributed I/O over PROFIBUS-DP, Wonderware's InTouch SCADA and SpinMES© software(based SQL and .NET Microsoft© technologies) for the batch manufacturing management, traceability and process reporting.
Rousselot (Girona, Spain)
Automation of the manufacturing process of gelatin. Control of all plant processes: raw materials collection, acidification, boiling, clarification, demineralization, evaporation, sterilization, gelling and drying.

Automation system based in a mixture of PLC + SCADA and distributed control (DCS).
Nutrexpa (Barcelona, Spain)
Full automation of the Cola Cao Turbo plant, including process control and the facility cleaning. Batch manufacturing. Control system based in Rockwell's ControlLogix PLC , Wonderware's InTouch SCADA and SpinMES© software (based SQL and .NET  Microsoft© technologies) for data acquisition, process reporting and formula management.

Monitoring system for the classified facilities in all the factory, according to ATEX regulation. Remote Input/Output system using Rockwell's Flex Ex IO, InTouch SCADA and SpinMES© software for the alarm and events log.