What have we done
Marine Industry
SPIN has developed two applications for yachts:

SpinNav©  for Mega Yachts and SpinYatch© for smaller yatchs

SpinNav© provides to the crew two essential elements: On one side, information on the status of all systems on the yacht and, on the other, automatic or assisted manual runing for core systems. All this done using a stylish and functional user interface that facilitates consultation and operation of the system.

The control system SpinNav© integrates the following functions:

Monitoring of battery and electrical system.
Monitoring and control of the hydraulic system.
Monitoring and control of drainage systems.
Monitoring and control of fuel systems.
Monitoring and control of drinking water systems.
Monitoring of domestic water systems.
Monitoring system for detecting and extinguishing fires.
Monitoring and control of manual motor navigation.
Alarm management.

SpinYacht© is monitoring alarmas, levels and electrical perameters.
Barcos Deportivos

Pendennis Shipyard

Sinera Rigging

Yate Concordia
Sinera Rigging (Barcelona, Spain)
Crystall Yacht.

Design of electrical system. Supply of SpinYacht© system for monitoring of alarms, tank levels, fuel and electrical parameters.
Barcos Deportivos (Tarragona, Spain)
SYL 144-foot sailboat.
Sailboat Alarife 100 feet.

Design, supply and installation of integrated control system SpinNav© for mega yachts.

Control and automation of the performance of several onboard systems (fuel, water, hot water, waste water). Control of hydraulic and electrical systems. Optimization of consumption. Thruster and propeller management (propeller pitch). Integration with navigation systems (NMEA standard) and propulsion own systems and generators (SAE-J1939 standard). Alarm management. Integration with CCTV on board. Showing information on IP67 touch screens.
Pendennis Shipyard (Falmouth, UK)
Megayacht AKALAM designed by Barracuda Yacht Design (Madrid).

Design of electrical and control system. Supply and commissioning of SpinNav© control system . Supply of a dashboard with 60 tactile membrane buttons (IP67).

The control system is based on three computers and a PLC Ethernet network with distributed I/O. It links to the fire alarm subsystem.

Differentiation based control operation for sailing mode or engine mode. Thruster control using 3-axis joystick. Propeller pitch control of the main engine. Monitoring of all the onboard systems. Monitoring of the navigation, receiving information from NMEA processor. Alarm management including fire alarms. CCTV system integrated in the application.