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Metal & Mining
Specific control systems for metallurgy and mining sector, faithfully fulfilling their exacting standards both regarding to the safety of people, equipment and facilities, and to the requirements of accuracy, reliability and availability of solutions.

Applications done in these areas ranging from data acquisition for production  control to supply control and drive systems for power control equipment.

In this sector we have partnership agreements with major manufacturers: ABB, SIEMENS, ROCKWELL and SCHNEIDER.

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Riviere (Barcelona, Spain)
Modular system for logging data with integrated management of production at the manufacturing plant.

Work orders, planning and maintenance. Use of HMI. Connectivity to ERP system.
Iberpotash (Barcelona, Spain)
Drive Control System for the Skip No. 2 Skip in Cabanasses shaft mining, located near Suria, with a depth greater than 600m.

This Skip is designed for both the movement of personnel and the transport of material, working in conjunction with the existing Skip n º 3.

The supply includes control system with PLC S7-300 and WinCC SCADA from SIEMENS, positioning system,  "Hoist Monitor" and DC drive of 1.1 MW  from ABB.
Sidenor I+D (Bilbao, Spain)
Monitoring and automatic control system for a furnace electric arc.

Real-time control for the three-phase balance and logging for electrical parameters of the furnace.