Project of SPIN Controls cofinanced by the Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo
December 2015

SPIN has developed the ID project TSI-100501-2013-39, called "Sistema integrado avanzado de Gestión de Edificios Inteligentes", cofinanced by the Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo.
Project cofinanced by the Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo

November 2014

SPIN develops the ID project TSI-100501-2014-7, called 'Algoritmos y herramientas Software para la gestión eficiente de la energía en sistemas integrados y multiplataforma en la industria de proceso", cofinanced by the Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo.

SPIN continues to be Wonderware Archestra System Integrator
February 2014

SPIN will continue one more year in the group of Wonderware's top System Integrators. SPIN has certified engineers on the Wonderware software and a long experience in projects with this technology.
Joerns Healthcare engages Spin UK to provide durability test system
January 2014

A durability test system has been supplied to control and manage a patient hoist and rail safety gate component. The system provides variable I/O and multiple cycles to test the operation and reliability of the gate system with a simulated body weight on the hoist moving through all process functions and directions.

A durability test system has been supplied to control and manage a patient hoist and rail safety gate component. The system provides variable I/O and multiple cycles to test the operation and reliability of the gate system with a simulated body weight on the hoist moving through all process functions and directions

New Project in the spanish program "Acción Estratégica de Economía y Sociedad Digital"
December 2013

New control and reporting system in Esteve
November 2013

Complete replacement of the old control system at Esteve's plant.

The new control system incorporates a more powerful PLC, a client-server SCADA solution and a flexible up-to-date web reporting system.
Traceability control in Indcresa
October 2013

SPIN successfully implements a new monitoring and traceability system for the Cacao producer Indcresa.
SGL Carbon renews its confidence in SPIN
September 2013

SGL Carbon relies in SPIN to undertake a strategic project: the new forming plant in the spanish factory. SPIN will deliver the new control system that will manage the plant.
Spin UK awarded a safety upgrade for Eaton
August 2013

Eaton Hydraulics Division have engaged Spin UK to Risk Assess their High Pressure Cartridge Test Rigs and implement all safety related items to the latest CE and Company legislations - including remote control adjustment fixtures, safety machine operator doors, rear machine and floor area safe access panels and enhanced safety control system.
SPIN successfully finishes the project at Orangina Schweppes
July 2013

SPIN has successfully implemented a water and soda recovery system in the syrup room, with no interference to the plant's production.

Complete remodeling of the plant's CIP stations, adding data traceability. This new system includes parameterization, giving to the customer the Production flexibility always wanted.
The SSWA awards SPIN Australia
June 2013

The Southern Seawater Alliance awards SPIN Australia "in recognition of its exceptional performance", for its work on the Southern Seawater Desalination Project.
SPIN Malaysia on BFM Radio
May 2013

SPIN Malaysia and one of its customers, Johnson & Johnson, explain on BFM Radio the benefits of Automation. Listen to the chat here.
SPIN successfully ends the project at HOLMEN paper
April 2013

SPIN successfully ends the project to migrate the Control System of an Effluent Treatment Plant (WET) from a paper treatment unit (DIP).
Colin Barnett started desalination plant pumps
January 2013

The Premier of Western Australia, Colin Barnett, started the first Water Intake Pumps of the Binningup desalination plant using the control system implemented by SPIN. The plant will start production in a few months. Take a look at the video from ABC Australia here.
New R&D Project in the spanish program "Competitividad e I+D 2012"
December 2012

The 25th of July 2012 the Ministry of Industry, through the “Plan Nacional de Investigación Científica, Desarrollo e Innovación Tecnológica 2008-2011” program, granted SPIN SA financial support for a new project: “Smart & Automated tools for the remote supervision of equipment and CPDs”. The project, with ID TSI-020604-2012-48, will be concluded by the end of 2013.
MCT chooses SpinTestLite©

November 2012


SPIN has successfully concluded the commissioning of an Engine Cold Test Cell equipped with SpinTestLite© technology. The cold test cell for this British remanufacturing company includes speed, torque, individual cylinder compression, oil and water pressure and temperature measurement. The decision to use the SpinTestLite© technology for the test cell was due to the high technical specification, flexibility, reliability and cost efficiency.

The Danish company HEMPEL relies in SPIN
October 2012

The Danish multinational company HEMPEL, a world leading coatings supplier, asked for SPIN's help to solve some automation problems in their R&D furnaces. The end result is a deep improvement of the control system. An improvement on furnace regulation. Added functionalities. Historification of operations. Processed Material Traceability. Increased flexibility to adapt to the changing regulations.
SPIN has Certified Profibus Engineers
September 2012

The SPIN Group has several Certified Engineers in the Profibus technology since the beginning of the summer.
SPIN has Certified Profibus Engineers
Ford renews its confidence in SPIN
August 2012

The American automaker multinational grants the upgrade of the test cells for the new 2.3 Turbo motor to SPIN.
SPIN Malaysia becomes Recognized System Integrator
July 2012

SPIN Malaysia has officially achieved the status of Recognized System Integrator of Rockwell Automation.
SPIN has been awarded the project for a large desalination plant in Australia

June 2012

The first Project for the SPIN Group in Australia is for the automation of a big desalination plant south of Perth. The order for this complex control system from the Southern Seawater Alliance has been awarded to SPIN by demonstration of its long proven experience in automation systems.

The new SpinTestLite© technology travels to India
May 2012

The SpinTestLite© software has emerged as the proper solution for  a cheaper and very flexible solution for control systems. The Inoxpa group, a multinational pump manufacturer for the food and pharmaceutical industry, has granted SPIN the control system for a new pump test rig. This project is for their factory in Pune (India).
SPIN Australia is born

April 2012


The SPIN group lands in Australia. The group's office will be located in Perth, Western Australia capital.

SCADA system migration at BASF
March 2012

SPIN has successfully developed this project for the multinational chemical company. The project looked for the complete substitution of a SCADA system. The replacing SCADA system delivered by SPIN is in line with the current standards of the plant.
SPIN starts working at Johnson & Johnson
February 2012

SPIN group will carry on the project for a new water ring that the American multinational has in its Malaysian plant.
Cummins renews its confidence in SPIN
January 2012

The company, a global power leader that designs and manufactures diesel engines, grants the new diesel engine test cell project to SPIN.
Bentley trusts in SPIN to test its motors
December 2011

The group will provide 3 control systems based on SpinTest© for the production engine test cells of the iconic British brand.
SPIN group launches its new website
October 2011

We are proud to present you the rebirth of SPIN group's website, 10 years after our first appearance on the Internet.
Success in France
June 2011

SPIN completes the substitution of a paper machine control system for Europac, in Rouen (France). 

The control system has nearly 4000 input/output. The comissioning works were developed during a 4 weeks production stop.

This success was possible
thanks to the effort and good work provided by the team of engineers assigned to this project.
SPIN accomplishes another project in Malaysia
December 2010

SPIN Barcelona and SPIN Malaysia team has succesfully concluded the comissioning for the new Impregnation Plant in the SGL Carbon's factory in Banting(Malaysia).

The control system installed has more than 2000 input/output and manages all the services surrounding the process, as well as the transport of materials and the human-machine safety.