What have we done
Complete control systems of a paper plant, with solutions that allow the plant to maximize the availability of its facility.

Electrical power drives for paper machines and winders, in DC or AC, in single-drive or multi-drive configuration, integrated to machinery control systems.

Development of control systems based  in DCS (Distributed Control Systems) or in PLC+SCADA, with experience on all kind of system dimensions.

We work for the final customer and for the manufacturing leaders on paper machinery.

We are experts in the migration of obsolete systems, with a unique methodology and tools (SPIN Project Studio) that allow us to minimize the machine downtime.



Voith Paper


Holmen Paper

Matías Gomá Tomás
Dicepa (Huesca, Spain)
Automation of the stock preparation area dosage in the input box of the paper machine.

Automation of the new press section of the paper machine, fully supplied by Voith Paper S.A.

System PCS7 DCS based control with SIEMENS APL library.
Europac (Rouen, France)
Provision of a new control system (DCS) for paper machine and pulp preparation circuits. In particular, it is a corrugated cardboard machine with a 2011 planned production capacity of 280,000 tons annually.

The new control system is based on the SIEMENS PCS7 DCS with VOITH MFL library. This new control system also integrates QCS and drive, according to theVOITH  "One Platform Concept". The new DCS has an installed base up to 4,000 input / output, with capacity to triple that number.

The supply of SPIN, S.A. has included: electrical engineering, programming, training and commissioning of the entire system.

The full migration has taken place in a break of 4 weeks, taking a deep reform of the machine, in which, besides the new DCS, VOITH has also provided a new press section, a new drive and a new QCS.
Torraspapel (Girona, Spain)
Automation sauces manufacturing facility (kitchen) for online coating paper machine.

Automation of the new press section of the paper machine, fully supplied by Voith Paper S.A.

Based control system PCS7 using library SIEMENS Pulp & Paper. Management tools for the formulation, batch and raw material consumption control by SpinMES © software, based on SQL technology. NET Microsoft©.