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Control Systems for Water Treatment, Desalination Plants, Sewerage Systems, Irrigation Systems, Dams, Water Distribution and Supply Networks.


Software and Electrical Design, Engineering, Software Programming, Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance.


Distributed Control Systems (DCS) or PLC+SCADA solutions.


Redundant solutions for High Availability.


Security solutions to avoid IT vulnerabilities.


Communication Systems. Fieldbus networking.


Asset Management. Centralized Instrumentation Syetems to ease configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting.


Data Collection and Reporting.

Water Corporation

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Energy Resources



Water Corporation (Perth, Australia)

Desalination Plant with 2 stages, each one with a capacity of 50 GL/year. SPIN Australia is responsible for the 2nd stage control system and the integration and upgrade of the 1st stage.


The plant is owned by Water Corporation, the main provider of water, wastewater and drainage services in Western Australia.


The project was named Global Desalination Plant of the Year at the 2012 Global Water Summit.


The plant has the potential to deliver 30% of the Western Australia Water Supply and was designed to run with a single operator.

Control system based on Siemens PCS7. The largest PCS7 installation in Australia, with 50,000 IO points, redundant PROFIBUS-DP/PA networks, 13 Redundant Controllers, 3 pair of redundant OS servers, 1 CAS Server, 1 Web Server, 1 Data Monitor Server, 1 Engineering Station, 6 OS Clients and 2 Tablets.
Rousselot (Girona, Spain)
Full Automation of a Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Coagulation and Flocculation reactor control. Lime Neutralization. pH control.

Control for Agitators and solid-liquid Extraction Pumps. Defining and programming extraction cycles.

Chemical reactors Dosing control. Coagulation and Flocculation pH adjustment with caustic soda. Control and addition of Additives. Agitation and Decanting. Water and Sludge extraction, and pipe cleaning. Filter Press control.

Control and Monitoring system based in Siemens PCS7, and integrated in the Plant's global system.
Hydroelectric Plant El Barco (Logroño, Spain)
Control system for a mini hydroelectric plant by the river Ebro, consisting of two Kaplan turbines with 2MW generators. Installed power: 3600KW.

The system allows unassisted operation. It's in charge of starting and connecting to the General Grid. It holds the central to its maximum power in accordance with the flow and keeping the level of the waterfall. Allows operation with parameters according to seasonality.

System based on a PLC and SCADA. It allows Intervention and retrieval of production data and alarms via Internet. The alarms are also reported by calls to mobile phones, SMS messages and emails.

Ecological flow control. ISO 14001 certification.